About WhichCraft

WhichCraft is a software company who’s focus is on the craft beer industry. Through the WhichCraft app on a consumer’s mobile phone, we connect brewers to their customers when they are in the store aisle. Through education and understanding a user’s taste preferences, WhichCraft provides personalized recommendations that help those craft beer curious consumers take home a great craft beer.

WhichCraft's first product is aimed at the craft beer industry is called WhichCraft™. "TAP" comes from our company name, and implies a beer tap or the process of tapping on a smartphone screen. 

Company Philosophy
and Thoughts

While the craft beer industry continues to grow at double digit numbers, with so many options, there is now choice paradox for many would-be craft beer drinkers. Many people would like to try craft beer, but they don’t know where to start. Even for those who have a favorite craft beer or two, they become too easily overwhelmed in a store aisle, which means they purchase something safe, versus trying something new. The craft beer industry as a whole has recognized that education is the key challenge to continued hockey stick growth. WhichCraft is helping those consumers explore the growing world of craft beer with confidence.

With limited shelf space, and larger companies in the alcohol industry looking to squeeze craft breweries off the shelves, WhichCraft helps increase the value of the shelf space a brewery has at various retail locations. While the Brewer’s Association talks about package design being a key to education, why not go beyond that with WhichCraft’s taste profiles? Here you can engage with your customers, and educate them more about your beer. Your brand’s story can make or break consumer purchases and with WhichCraft's power of consumer engagement during the in store shopping experience, you get to tell your story to this captivated audience.

As a significant target audience, Millennials are entering their higher earning power stage of life. With a taste for more unique experiences and the ability to pay for these unique experiences, craft breweries have the opportunity to build customer loyalty with this valuable customer. Millennials are the first generation to utilize their smartphones to help them make smart purchasing decisions by utilizing reviews and recommendations from their Facebook friends and Google. WhichCraft fits in their shopping habits, addressing the educational challenge, while giving them their preferred convenient way to shop for that perfect mix & match 6­pack through our recommendation system.

As a mobile recommendation service, we leverage a user's personal taste profile to provide in-context beer recommendations. WhichCraft's smartphone app can be compared to a bartender in a person's pocket, helping those craft beer novices discover a new favorite. Whether looking for something similar to that great stout the customer tried at their local tap room, or something totally new, v helps the customer find that perfect craft beer to buy.

A brewery's first priority is making amazing craft beer for their customers. By partnering up with WhichCraft, we provide you the tools to drive more customers to your products. As you build customer loyalty, you will be able to find out in real time what your paying customers are saying about the products you are selling. Imagine taking your sales reports, those numbers that leave you guessing and wondering why something is happening, to knowing what your customers are saying about your latest breakaway success.

Thank you for reading. Become a WhichCraft partner and help your customers explore, discover, and learn more about this world of craft beer.


Douglas Radecki
Founder & President