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Finding the perfect beer isn’t magic.
It's WhichCraft.


WhichCraft puts a world of craft beer knowledge in the palm of your hand. Whenever you’re at a participating location, WhichCraft will give you personalized recommendations based on your individual tastes.  

The magic of WhichCraft is that it learns about your specific beer tastes while teaching you about the beer you love.





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Know what you like. And why you like it.

The more you know about beer, the better you’ll understand why you prefer certain beers to others based on your flavor preferences. WhichCraft teaches you the styles and characteristics of beer, helping you find new beers you’ll love.



Good beer doesn’t get jealous.

We all have our favorite beer. Luckily, that beer won’t hold it against you for stepping out with something new.

WhichCraft helps you expand your beer palate with personalized recommendations based on your individual tastes.



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Reach for that new craft beer with confidence.



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Where to WhichCraft

WhichCraft is currently available in the Albuquerque, New Mexico market. Practice WhichCraft at the following retailers, bars, brewpubs and restaurants:


We’re expanding into new markets soon.
Check back to see when WhichCraft will be available to you.